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Sanytary Sewer 

To protect health, state drinking water rules require public water systems to develop and implement Cross-Connection Control (CCC) programs. Under these programs, some water system customers (property owners) may have to install backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow assemblies must be tested by a certified backflow assembly tester to make sure they work properly. See below for useful CCC information.

All sewers deteriorate with age, but infiltration/inflow is a problem unique to sanitary sewers, since both combined sewers and storm drains are sized to carry these contributions. Holding infiltration to acceptable levels requires a higher standard of maintenance than necessary for structural integrity considerations of combined sewers.


A comprehensive construction inspection program is required to prevent inappropriate connection of cellar, yard, and roof drains to sanitary sewers. The probability of inappropriate connections is higher where combined sewers and sanitary sewers are found in close proximity, because construction personnel may not recognize the difference.

Many older cities still use combined sewers while adjacent suburbs were built with separate sanitary sewers.


For decades, when sanitary sewer pipes cracked or experienced other damage, the only option was an expensive excavation, removal and replacement of the damaged pipe, typically requiring street repavement afterwards. In the mid-1950s a unit was invented where two units at each end with a special cement mixture in between was pulled from one manhole cover to the next, coating the pipe with the cement under high pressure which then dried at a fast rate, sealing all cracks and breaks in the pipe.


If you smell a noxious odor inside your home and you don’t know where it comes from, it could be sewer gas escaping from the drainage system. Due to sewer gas exposure, the methane and bacteria it contains can cause you serious health hazards.


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